We want to give you an overview of our choices regarding activities. Details are still missing, but soon to come. Nevertheless, let us know if there are some of these activities you’re interested in, so that we would be able to argue better conditions on those activities you’re most interested in.

All of our activites will be done “the local way”, not the standard tourist trip, but custom-made for you.

For showing interest or additional questions contact activities@erm2017.at


Editor’s picks – available for accompanying person during conference and all participants before or afterwards


Hotel Sonnreich – check out additional possibilites at the private spa at the hotel SPA leaflet


Hotel Sonnreich – add one or more days before or after the conference at the hotel for some holiday. You can upgrade one or all of these days to an “all-in” package for € 55,- per person per night which includes a light lunch, full local dinner buffet and all day entrance to “Therme Loipersdorf”. (normal prices would add up to around € 90,-)


Therme Loipersdorf – full day of fun and wellness, indoor and outdoor for just a small entrance fee, pedestrian tunnel from hotel,  http://www.therme.at/en/home/


Culinary Daydream – visit and taste through different local premium producers, take a look at production processes that are still the same since generations and see local sights along the way. All day trip from 10:00 to 17:00, includes several tastings, transport and guide. € 75,- per person, minimum participants 4 per trip, available every day. You can skip lunch that day for sure…


Sightseeing flights Airfield LOGF – 2 different routes, Nr. 1 includes all local sights and the venue, Nr. 2 includes additionally the city of Graz and a low pass at Graz airport, costs for Nr. 1 € 195,-, costs for Nr. 2 € 285,- , these costs include the transfer from/to hotel and the aircraft for up to 3 people, so it’s possible to share the costs if you build a group of 2 or 3. Available if weather permits during hours of daylight


Skydiving Airfield LOGF – try skydiving with a tandem jump out of 4000 meters! Limited spots, max. 2 people per flightleg, so reserve your spots well ahead! Sightseeing flight during climb out! € 225,- per person, transfer from and back to hotel € 40,-, transfer can be shared to save costs if you are 2 or take accompanying persons. Available if weather permits during hours of daylight


Golfing Spa golf course Loipersdorf – 27-hole golf course, http://www.thermengolf.at/de/golfanlage/yardagebook/ ,(german only), drive times are freely available during the day if you are alone or a small group, as us for bigger groups or if planning for a tournament. golf clubs, beginner level, are available for rent, please ask us in advance. Don’t forget to bring your accreditation, you will receive a 20% discount!, less than 10 min from hotel, transport available for € 30,- per car for both directions, must be reserved ahead


Via Ferrata Riegerburg castle – 3 different routes up to level D, 25 min from hotel


Graz – daytrip or halfday, medieval city, UNESCO world cultural heritage, cultural capital of Europe 2003, city of design, “cooler little sister of Vienna” (The Guardian), walkable city, 50.000 students from all over the world, possibility to visit Tower and Approach LOWG